Ordering Information

Information about the order

Abbreviations of mineral box sizes

    • MM = 25x25mm box
    • KS = 38x32mm box
    • NS = 56x38mm box
    • HS = 88x56mm box


    • the locality can be found in the photo with QR code at the bottom left (locality)


Which sample do I get? (multiple stocks)

    • We always select the best available sample. If the sample does not meet expectations, you can choose between a refund or an exchange
    • Samples for which there is only one overall picture (only one piece is shown in the photo) are single stocks and not multiple stocks



    • Shipping costs within Germany : €4.99
    • Shipping costs within Europe : €13.99
    • International shipping costs: €19.99
    • if there are several items, shipping is usually only charged once

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